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What is Value Education?

Value education is the education that develops us up to a level where we can easily recognize what is really valuable to us? Or help us to prioritize things according to their capacity to make a human life beautiful and successful.

It not only helps to make a better human being but also to create a trustful and helpful society. Value education a person to grow into an asset who spread the fragrance of love, motivation and wellness to society as well as restore and enhance the environmental condition.

A Complete Man’ that everyone desire and value education make it possible. It encompasses all aspects of human life so that person will live a balanced life. Value education brings out the inherent characteristics of a person and explores them to find a common pathway of living.

Value education is essential to attain basic human aspirations of continuity of happiness and prosperity.

Nelson Mandela rightly said: “Education is the most powerful weapon through which you can change the world”. Here, he talked about both academic education as well as value education. And, value education has the power to change the world.

What is the essence of value education?

Value education is a complete package of human mental, physical and economical growth. It develops “Right Understanding” in a person which helps them to take a holistic approach toward life, family, work and nature.

The only condition required for value education is that you have to be a learner where age is no boundation. It is the education that can be learned from anyone whether a person, animal, insects or nature. It is not limited to school or a particular age group but it accommodates all as everyone basic goals are the same.

The essence of value education is to understand a human and through which knows the entire existence. It’s a core education through which success in life can be understood and then achieved. Education is a lifelong process of human development and it starts from within human with the help of value education.

What is the need and importance of Value Education?

The importance of value education is that it develops the “Right understanding” in a person to attain the goal of mutual happiness and mutual prosperity. Right understanding is the key factor to first understand ourselves and then two basic aspects of life i.e. relationship and physical facilities.

Reasons why we need value education are:

  • Correct identification of our desires: all humans have desires and it’s a continuous lifelong process. One desire end another start, some get fulfilled in days or some taken years while few of them may remain incomplete throughout life. People have plans, goals, targets etc. set for their future which may be immediate or long term. But before someone put energies to actualize their desires, it is important to find out on what ground they are set and what they basically aspire for. Because goals planned on assumptions may or may not give the desired result. So value education helps out to plan goals on the right approach.
  • health and prosperity.jpgFulfil our aspirations in continuity: just setting goals is not enough because a program to fulfil these desires is also required. Once we have understood stand what is valuable to us, these values become an anchor to our actions. We know what we are doing is right and lead to the fulfilment of our basic aspirations. We want continuity fulfilment of desires for that it is necessary to understand the universality of various human values because then only happy and harmonious human society can be assured.
  • Complementarity of values and skills: First it is necessary to set a ‘value’ domain i.e. domain of wisdom. This helps us to identify and set the right goals and to proceed in the right direction. The second is to learn methods, techniques and practices to actualize goals. This is the ‘Skill’ domain. The values and skills have to go hand in hand or we can say it is essential complementarity between values and skills for the success of any human endeavour.
  • Our belief evaluation: we are driven by our ‘ad-hoc’ values and beliefs. We all have believed in certain things and we base our values on such beliefs. Also, beliefs are not the same for everybody. It may be personal, for a small group or a state but they are not universal. Living life based only on beliefs can not ensure happiness for us. So it is necessary to base our choices upon values that are based on the understanding of reality and we can ourselves validate them.
  • Technology and human values: Technology cannot decide what is valuable for us. It lies in our ‘value’ domain. The understanding of values that decide on the appropriateness of technology and its application. Both the structure and use of technology is being decided by values.

What are the benefits of value education?

When we correctly understand the values then our life becomes very much smooth. It doesn’t mean hurdles in life will not come but you can easily pass them on basis of your right understanding. The benefits of this education encompass every aspect of our life and make them flourish. Some benefits are as follows:

  • An individual becomes more aware of himself as well as others. An individual understands himself, their needs as well as others.
  • A person realize the importance of health and start taking right step towards his health.


  • A person can easily understand what is an actual relationship? By this, he/she can maintain a healthy relationship which leads to mutual fulfilment.
  • A person becomes more responsible towards the right goal of life and other responsibilities as a friend, father, mother, brother, sister, colleague, boss, leader etc.
  • A person will live to its full extent filled with love, joy and ecstasy. His inner self will remain calm in every situation of life.
  • A person right decision-making capacity will increase multiple times by which he will not only take the right action for himself but also for his family and friends.
  • A person will be self-controlled i.e. his desires, thoughts and work will be based on the right understanding.
  • A person will understand his duties towards nature also and will always try to protect, conserve and enhance the quality of nature.
  • It will give positive direction to the person to shape their future wisely and energetically.
  • It will focus on mental and body health also which will protect the person from the ailment.

We can say that value education will bring harmony in self, family, society and nature. Overall it will help to create a place like heaven full of humanity.

Difference between Moral and Value education

  • Moral education is based upon do and don’t whereas value education is based on developing self-understanding to know what is right or wrong.
  • Moral education gives you guidelines to follow whether you like it or not whereas value education develops a sense of responsibility by which person do task wholeheartedly.
  • Moral education may not focus on developing human intelligence and only teaches you scenario-based answers whereas value education focuses on developing the inner self of humans so that they can make wise decisions in every situation.
  • Moral education may be taught under fear of God, greed, mishappening etc. But value education is taught and learned with an open mind.
  • A learner of moral education may break laws whenever he feels no one watching him but values are developed by the learner himself through value education so he will never break rules because he had made rules for himself.
  • Moral education focuses on small aspects of life whereas value education develops the overall character including its mental and physical health.
  • Moral education may get changed with time, place and individual whereas value education is definite for all as core values of value education are the same for all.
  • Moral education can make people discipline but value education working for overall growth makes people self-organised or self-balanced.

Value based education can be given to people either in school, colleges, office or home. Because it an essential requirement for all humans. Today education is more economic centric i.e. focuses on the development of traits that will help people to earn money. Thus value based education is necessary for schools for the correct identification of goals. Value based education system will refine human beings and explore their inner self.

It is necessary to add value based education at an early stage of childhood. As time passes, people develop their perceptions regarding life or other things and get attached to them which is difficult to amend if are wrong.

Educational value must be based on the development of the right understanding and should ensure the continuity of happiness and prosperity. Educational institutions need a holistic approach towards the development of the child and bring the noble person out of every learner. The seed of educational value must be sowed into each student and given proper nourishment so that it will blossom with time.

It is an experimental approach toward life and its core values lie on making people live happy and prosperous. Value education is the only hope that can stop people from deteriorating ethically, morally and physically.

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