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What is success? How to get it.

Every individual always thinks of Successful life. But what the word “Success” means? For an athlete winning the gold medal in Olympics, for an actor getting Oscar, for a doctor to take outpatient from misery, for a racer to be at the first position, for a captain to lead his/her team win a world title, for a businessman to make his organization at the top level, for a spiritual person to attain the highest degree i.e. enlightenment or moksha, for a father or mother to see his child growth, for an artist to make or carve something extraordinary, for a student to get highest marks, for an engineer to solve a great problem, etc. etc. world is full of success stories.

Do success is common to all? What actually successes give us? Why we all always thriving for it? Do we have understood it correctly? Is success is a path or an end result? How can I get successful?

Gurus are all over the world ready to teach you how to get success in your desired field or try to give key to success. But what actually we want from life, need to explored, discovered or find out within ourselves.

What to do? Why to do? And How to do?

‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ are the three words in between which our whole life is spent. Each day starts with this: ‘What to do?’, ‘Why to do?’, ‘How to do?’ and end with this also. Days, months, years and life are passed but this never-ending circle goes on and on. When we see our life back, we realize tons of mistakes, unforgettable moments of joy and grief, small and big achievements and a struggling life that still continues. And all this sleepless hard work, painful struggle for what, yes for “Success”. What we really want to do in life? Is that what we doing is, right? Is that what we really want from life? Etc, thousands or millions of questions arises in mind, of which most are unanswered or some answered are at the level of dissatisfaction. Social and print media, leaders and actors, business tycoons and market influencer, gurus and speakers etc rules our mind and we move toward a path unknowingly. Most of the time is following other dreams or working to make other dreams true. So are we controlling our mind or we are psychological slave?

Understanding mind conspiracy?

Today everyone hot topic somehow directly or indirectly relate mind. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. are full of content for making our mind stronger, sharper, intellectual, etc. but don’t you think the mind is more than just flesh and blood. It has something unique in it that each people get surprised most of the times in their life. It collects information but how he processes it and gives away ideas, emotions, feelings etc. Scientist and researchers have done various studies on the mind and it still goes on. Our mind and brain are same? From mind to consciousness to super or pure consciousness, getting things to other dimensions are making a journey towards the infinite. But our mind plays a conspiracy game with ourselves and put them in continuously changing misery and joy. When we ever tried our mind to stop thinking for a while? Does it think according to ourselves to react according to mind? Your answer may vary but the mind is what we are dealing with, which is the greatest gift and curse to mankind.

We together will find out the answers to life common questions to all and yes success is still pending!!

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