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The Meaning Of Life​

The meaning of life is a complicated twist of suffering, laughing, and all incorporating to tell a great story. Grounded on this view, it isn’t the end thing or outgrowth of life that gives life but rather the quality of the story the way one goes about living out and developing one’s part. Life isn’t all about pain and remorse, but about the gests and literacy….

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10 Ways to relieve stress at work

Relieve stress……Nowadays the problem of stress is very urgent and this issue is of great importance for psychologists, researchers and many other professionals; actually we cannot imagine our life without any stress at all. Stress is increasingly becoming accepted as a workplace phenomenon negatively affecting a growing number of people across the world. In fact, …

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breakfast consumption

How breakfast consumption maintain health?

Consumption of breakfast is often considered one of the important health-related behaviour. Many of the studies have been concerned with physical health and the effects of breakfast consumption on subjective well-being. Breakfast is often recognized as the “most important meal of the day,” yet there is limited consensus as to what defines the breakfast meal …

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