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War is not a solution of peaceful life

War is the barbaric exertion that only concludes in the loss of life and property. The violence of war is life- changing which can never resolve any disagreement. Both the parties rehearsing war ends in the social and profitable loss as it’s said by john S. C Abbott that “War is the wisdom of destruction” The one involved in war only end up in loss of lives socially and economically, thus, the peace addresses would be more salutary to break the controversies.

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The Meaning Of Life​

The meaning of life is a complicated twist of suffering, laughing, and all incorporating to tell a great story. Grounded on this view, it isn’t the end thing or outgrowth of life that gives life but rather the quality of the story the way one goes about living out and developing one’s part. Life isn’t all about pain and remorse, but about the gests and literacy….

15 Reasons that destroy relationship

15 Reasons that destroy relationship

Many unwanted events occur in life that may not always bring a negative impact or destroy relationship but sometimes it contributes in increasing the closeness or attachment. Conflicts in a relationship are a normal action-reaction process. A relationship in which no misunderstanding arises is wrongly considered to be perfect instead a relationship in which several …

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10 Ways to relieve stress at work

Relieve stress……Nowadays the problem of stress is very urgent and this issue is of great importance for psychologists, researchers and many other professionals; actually we cannot imagine our life without any stress at all. Stress is increasingly becoming accepted as a workplace phenomenon negatively affecting a growing number of people across the world. In fact, …

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