About Us


Healthgambler.com is an online platform developed with a vision to keep balance in your life. This balance is consequent of our basic aspirations of being happy and prosperous with its continuity.  To fulfil our aspirations, we live like a gambler taking chances in almost every situation of life. We as a team in-depth analyze basic aspects of life, mythological ideas, countries culture, lifestyle approaches and encapsulate information in an easy and useful way. Our ambition is to provide valuable practical tips, DIY instructions, mental and healthy remedies and other information to make you live like a pro.

We all have four aspects of life i.e. Personal, Family, Social and Professional in which the whole of life is spent gambling. These traits are like four tires of life car and you at the driving seat. For a smooth life, you must be confident to maintain accurate tire pressure and give the right direction to life that build up after acquiring the required information. That’s why we work with different prominent people who are experts in their respective fields and study those that had or have to live a blissful life.

Area of Work

As said our focus in making personal, family, social and professional life better as:

  1. Personal life: It consists of health both mental and physiological. It is good to see people are getting aware of health but they have rarely emphasized understanding the human mind which is the root cause of most of the problem. Modern world theories have made it too complex to understand but we aim to propose a method that develops values in you on the basis of natural acceptance making you the person that you really want to be.
  2. Family life: Each person always wants to be a good father/mother, son/daughter, husband/wife and uncle/aunt in a family. The base of the family is relationship and if one person understands what actually relationship is then he/she know the art of making the person happy. We aim to provide you with the inside of a relationship that is far above materials needs.
  3. Social life: It is just an extension of the family. If a person knows the essence of the relationship, he/she prove to a wonderful friend, neighbour, colleague etc. understanding social needs helps us to become more responsive rather than reactive. We aim to assist you with the person that society really desires which may not be a billionaire nor a superstar star but a man of a golden heart.
  4. Professional life: Everyone want to be at top of their career whether it’s a business, job etc. and there is no harm in it unless people want to let down other or chose a pathway that put them at mental, physical, family and social risk. Choosing a profession and built it in profound way is an art which most of the people lack and end up making working environment unbreathable. We aim to develop traits in you that are not only required by a leader but also for a noble person.

Our Mission

We want you to be successful in life and success doesn’t mean just wealth but to excel in 4 aspects of life. In this or any world noble persons were, are and will always be in demand in comparison to any other traits. We focus on providing the best research content and tools to people for tracking their level of happiness and prosperity. With the help of the experts’ network and your valuable suggestions, we are making healthgambler.com a trustworthy and influential destination for people to explore different dimensions of life and live like a Pro.