About Me



I am a simple and common man like you.

My journey starts with the same childhood dreams which all we have like wanted to be a millionaire, top in the class, achieve a thing that is impossible to others, have fame in the world, do a good thing to others, and so on or I can say “I want to be Successful”. I start observing people life and studied those who have excelled in their field whether they were businessman, politician, sportsperson, spiritual guru, actor, artist etc. At first look like other people, I was very much driven by their wealth, power and fame. But more and more I get into their life, I realized that the success I dreamed of is different from what these people felt. I was unable to see and measure the amount of hard work, mental power, patience etc. behind their so-called success. So I start discussing with family, friends and colleagues and understand that only a person who had touched the sky limit or depth of the ocean knows the reality and the rest can only imagine which is far away from the actual ground.

Unanswered Questions

Questions and questions were the only things in my mind, stay unanswered. My foremost questions were “What is success?” and “Is success equals happiness?”. Most people talking to me give importance to wealth while some say health is wealth. Some say inner peace is precious, for some mind is only valuable while some go beyond the mind and say consciousness is final. With more and more addition of information start creating a web in my mind in which I got entangled.

Finally, I decided to explore the truth of life myself and start attending different programs, workshops, seminars, webinars conferences etc related to it. From meditation programs like vipassana to health and wellness programs, from running the marathon to doing yoga, I tried to get involved in it. Each program was touching different dimension of my life and creating a pattern in life that I was missing. As more and more I get involved in it, more I feel easiness in mind, lightness in body and more focused on external activities.


After years of dedicated research, I finally come to the conclusion that all thing start and end within our self, each and everything inside and outside our self is interconnected, the outer world is just a projection of oneself and life is easy, we make it complex. So I decided to share all my and other people experiences with you and make life wonderful, for that I designed a series of course which in short a journey from inside to outside world, creating a holistic approach. My aim is to develop you into a profound person who is ready to excel in family, social and professional life.